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pitbull for sale

Disciple is now owned out right by Alabama Iron Pitbulls!!! That's right the legand himself  is now  here in Alabama to stay, FOREVER!!!!    Updates on this monster will be fourth coming....

   We are a premier kennel located outside of Birmingham, Alabama. We have been breeding blue pitbulls for quit a many, many years now, but we have been breeding different types of  dogs for over 20 years. We breed for massive size, bone structure, block heads, and wide chest as well as great temperament for both males and females. We breed for the Total XXXL Package!

   All of our dogs were the pick of their litters. We want to provide the Highest Quality studs and bitches to all of the breeding's we do here at Alabama XL Pitbulls. All of our XXXL pit bulls weigh well over 130 males, and 120 females, all the way up to 190 pound males to 155 plus pound females. That's right, even the females. When size matters come and see Alabama Iron Pitbulls!!!! You will not find pitbulls bigger anywhere  than you find on this website. We raise them BIG!! When we say XXXL,  we mean it. Too many kennels out there just use this term to try and boost thier dogs size and puppy sales. But sadly it's just not true.

      The pit bulls that you see on this web site consist of many different bloodlines. I have combined all of these different bloodlines to create the Alabama Iron version of the XXXL pit bull. Alabama Iron Pitbulls in no way used any other breed to obtain the massive size of our pitbulls. Now that being said, the pitbull itself is made up from several different breeds. All of the foundation pitbulls, I purchased to breed for the XXXL size, all came from very reputable breeders. We will never mix any other breed to get the desired trait we want in our breeding stock. We are in the XXXL pitbull movement for the long haul, our dogs are getting bigger and better with every breeding I do, here at Alabama Iron pitbulls. I encourage you to place a deposit on a puppy or a stud breeding and come here and see these huge XXXL pitbulls for yourself!!!!

   All of our dogs are registered with either ADBA or UKC. Some of our dogs are duel registered. We are currently in the process of getting all of our pitbulls DNA tested. This will insure  that all of our pitbull puppies are of the highest quality. Plus it will give our customers piece of mind that they own a true pitbull.

   We usually have pitbull puppies for sale and if by chance we don't, we will gladly point you in the right direction for a pitbull puppy, to a reputable breeder. That will help you find exactly what you are looking for. To best suit you and your family. We recommend any of the breeders on our testimonial page or links page for a puppy. But please do alot of research into this breed. Every bit of time you devote now will pay off big time when you get that puppy of your dreams. So please, RESEARCH, RESEARCH AND MORE RESEARCH!!!

   Chances are if you have found us, you have been doing your research or you have been burned by a breeder that sold you a pitbull that was not the size or quality you were told it was going to be. We all know someone that knows someone that has gotten burned. Here at Alabama Iron Pitbulls we assure you that you will getting the Highest Quality pitbull on the planet when you purchase a puppy from Alabama Iron Pitbulls. Customer service is very important to me. I will go that extra step every time. These are not just puppies to me, they are family members. All of our litters are delivered by hand with loving care. All of our puppies are guaranteed against any and all health issues. We want nothing but the best for your family and our puppies.

   We are currently building a new facility on 150 acres, where all of our pitbulls are free to run around and play at their leisure. We have spared no expense on the 10,000 square foot kennel. It was being built to house all of our pitbulls in comfort. The new kennel is state of the art for easy cleaning and also to promote the most sanitary conditions where anyone would be proud to house their pitbulls. So be sure to check out the facility page at the top in the tool bar!!! You will be amazed, 100% guaranteed. I am in this breed for the long haul and nothing is to good for our pitbulls. I have invested a lot of time and money into my dogs that are like family members to me and my family.

    Beware of the backyard breeders that just have pitbulls caged up in there backyard or garage and only take them out to take pics for their web-site. Keeping dogs caged in cramped conditions is very sad and inhumane. So please do not support this kind of breeder, so they can hurt even more dogs than they already are. When buying your new pup ask for lots of pics of the area that the pups are kept in. If at all possible go and see for yourself. Any breeder that will not show you how there dogs are being kept is a breeder that you do not want to do business with.

   I would like to thank Barbara Jones, Robert Tucker, Hurman Mulvehill Jr., Austin Duke and Brian Lawley for all of their time and resources that they have so freely given to make the new kennel a great place for pitbulls to be raised and live in. They all put alot of work and time into making this the best Pitbull kennel in the United States. I can not thank them enough for what all of them have done for me and my beloved blue bullies.

  All of the fence work you see on this web-site was done by Lawley Fence Company. I can not even begin to tell you what a great job Brian of Lawley Fence Company did for me. Brian is the best at what he does. I have never seen fencing done  better by any other company. So if you are thinking about building a kennel or you just want a great looking fence, give Brian at Lawley Fence Co. a call at 205-212-4824. Tell him you saw this web-site and he will give you a great discount!!

Thanks again,

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